About Us


"Get It Done, Co." understands that blueprints are the main vehicle of communication in the construction industry.


As such, our draftsmen work as a team to create each and every draft. Detail and accuracy are our primary concern.


All of our blueprints are printed on vellum paper, signed by an architect and guaranteed to meet city standards for permits.

Meet The Owners

Wanida Thibodeau

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Wanida is proud to offer her clients a way to get innovative contemporary/modern designs at an affordable rate. Often at half the price and twice the quality of other more traditional architectural design companies.

Zac Thibodeau

As a Business Administration major from Harvard, Zac understands that what his clients value above all else is quality of work and quick turn-over. That's why he strives to offer his clients same-day appointments and plans completed within a one-month period.

A Message From The Owners:

"We don't believe in charging our clients an arm-and-a-leg. Instead, we strive to work with as many clients as possible. No matter what size budget, we deliver the same quality work and artistry."

Leading The Way For Success


Everyone knows and loves the architect who is the face and heart of every design project. However, it takes a whole team of people to do what we do. Often, the most critical jobs are completed by brilliant people who our clients never see.  Engineers, draftsmen, and assistants who are the battery of the organization and key to our success.

The "Get It Done, Co." Advantage

The advantage of hiring an entire company, as opposed to an individual architect, is having the support system to create large scale projects, quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. Your Architect oversees your project, however, an entire team of people work like a well-oiled machine to ensure that all of the details fall into place.

Our Mission

"Get It Done, Co." strives to provide recognizable architectural services through excellence in design, unwavering integrity and commitment to achieving our clients' aspirations.